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student-volunteer led technology program working to increase the meaningful participation of women in STEM

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An introduction:

She Can Tech is a near-peer computer science and technology program in Greater Northwest Indiana. Our organization is completely student run with the help from a couple of organizations:
  » funded by Google, Northrop Grumman, Bank of New York Mellon, and DoD STEM,
  » in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, and
  » a branch of Portage Community Robotics.

She Can Tech is a National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) AspireIT program - a part of a sweeping national talent development intitiative for young women in computing.

We provide... 

  • introductoy computer science workshops for girls in grades 4-9.     
  • networking opportunities with females in STEM (college + professional)  
  • mentorship by high school female students in STEM
  • STEM workshops and events for everyone

Are you interested in registering?

If you are or you know a girl in grades 4-9 who should absolutely attend one of our workshops, send her here!
Here are 10 reasons why she should attend:        

  1. build a game from scratch     
  2. make an app from scratch  
  3. create a website from scratch
  4. build, program, and test a robotic arm
  5. establish friendships through Share Circle discussions
  6. network with female professional engineers and programmers
  7. develop presentation and interview skills (+ a portfolio of projects!)
  8. get free SWAG items (notebooks, flashkeys, 3D prints, She Can Tech shirts, and more!)
  9. receive mentorship from high school and college females in STEM
  10. access our well of STEM-related resources, opportunities, and advice

We have ourselves convinced...
But if you want to see more, check out featured projects from past participants or visit our Flickr page for photos.

Are you looking for ways to connect with us?

» If you are a STEM professional looking to inspire young girls, contact us for the possibilities!

» If you are a high school or college student looking to volunteer at a She Can Tech workshop or event, contact us for the form!

» If you are a high school or college student looking to learn from, work with, and innovate upon what we've done, contact us for the leadership opportunity!

» If you are looking to support us, contact us for a good story!

» Else, for any questions, comments, errors, or concerns, email!    

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